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etched and carved design tile and design marble

Uniquely crafted, engraved border tiles..

All marble and natural stone design pieces are fully customizable. If you want your home to boast of more character, our custom-made designs may be an absolute option for you.


"Passion for design meets with the beauty of Natural Stone"

Everything started with a pure dedication for creating elegant and spectacular surfaces. Using natural stone as a canvas let us create hand-carved unique art pieces. We are very excited to offer this excellent craftsmanship to our clients..

Fireplace Decoration with Etched Marble Tile

Custom made, etched marble designs..

What will you create..? This is what we usually ask our clients because, at Elalux, design options are limited only by your imagination... For something truly unique and luxury; you imagine, we create.

Marble Border Design on a bathroom wall
Marble Backsplash Design

"Creativity is putting your imagination to work, and it's produced the most extraordinary results in human culture." Ken Robinson


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